About Us
Our team weaves a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise from the international art world.
Our innovative projects and successful partnerships stem from a deep passion for making art accessible to diverse communities.
P-Art Factory is a London-based art startup founded by Francesca Budini Gattai and Margherita Nussio with the goal of making art accessible by connecting with local communities, inspiring a new generation of art collectors, and empowering artists.

We bring art to unconventional places for charities looking different ways to fundraise; to the homes of our clients and collectors; and to local businesses seeking to engage new audiences.

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The Team

  • Francesca Budini Gattai
    Co-Founder & Managing Director
    Francesca Budini Gattai is a dynamic curator, art advisor, and serial entrepreneur with a rich background spanning over four years across Beijing, Rome, and London's vibrant art scenes. Her diverse experience includes roles in prestigious institutions such as UCCA, Christie’s, and Frieze.

    After successfully helping emerging artists with their professional development for 3 years at her first start-up - Image Curators Advisory, she is now at p-art Factory while working at Wallacespace as Account Manager.

    Francesca has a four-years BA in Art History & Chinese Language from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and an MA in Arts Policy & Management from Birkbeck University of London.

    She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and has certified speaking and writing skills in Italian, English and Mandarin Chinese.

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  • Margherita Nussio
    Co-Founder & Sales Director
    Margherita Nussio is a seasoned curator, art writer, and Account Manager at Bridgeman Images, a leading copyright agency and art library based in the UK. With over four years of extensive experience in the Art World, she has collaborated with renowned international Art Dealers, Auction Houses, Commercial Galleries, and Art Fairs.

    Margherita has made significant contributions to the Image Curators Advisory blog and various other platforms covering topics such as sustainability, fashion, and international art. She consistently delivers insightful monthly articles, enriching discussions within the art community and beyond.

    Her academic background includes a degree in Art History from La Sapienza University of Rome, followed by a Master's degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, focusing on Contemporary Art of Asia and Africa.

    She is fluent in Italian, English, and French.

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  • Marianna Capelli
    Blog Editor and Writer

    Marianna Capelli is a writer, editor, and bookseller by profession. She relocated to London from northern Italy and pursued a double BA in Art History and Mandarin from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

    After working in the Art World, Marianna rediscovered her passion for writing. She joined Image Curators Advisory in 2021 to assist the team in writing and coordinating their blog and now continues to work with the team at Projects Art Factory on their projects.

    When not selling books, Marianna likes being opinionated about things and writing about art, culture, and everything queer.

As seen in
I am glad to have been involved in a project for such a good cause. In terms of feedback, I would like to say that for a first time exhibition, I thought was organised and prepared well. The location chosen was good and very welcoming. Overall, I would say that it was a great experience.
Kwabs Owoahene
What our collaborators
& artists say about us
Mr Bongo were delighted to be able to help in a very small way to provide music for the charity event. The organisers put their heart and soul into making the event such a success and we feel very humble to have worked with such caring and selfless people.

Tracy Murray
Head of Sync | www.mrbongo.com