Athena Nemeth, a non-binary Canadian artist currently based in Brighton, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University and a Masters of Art in Fine Art from the University of Brighton.

As a textile artist, they breathe life into discarded or old objects, transforming them into new creations through the delicate medium of thread painting. Their artistic practice delves into themes of identity, history, and nationality, challenging the stereotypical perception of textile art as a woman’s craft.

Specialising in hand embroidery, Athena draws inspiration from mediaeval
manuscripts, using this age-old craft as a means to retell tales from history. Their creative reach extends to diverse mediums, from chairs to pillows, where unconventional materials are given new form and life. Through embroidery, Athena not only expresses their own narrative but also invites viewers to engage their imagination in interpreting the stories, lives, and worlds woven into each piece.

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