Arte in Salotto
Co-founder Margherita Nussio interviews Camilla Prini, the mind behind Arte in Salotto.

Camilla Prini embarked on her journey with Arte In Salotto in September 2020, following stints in Paris and London working for major auction houses like Christie’s and Bonhams. Determined to carve her own path in the art world, she envisioned a gallery with a distinctive boutique ambience, focusing primarily on photographers and presenting their works in an intimate and inviting setting.

Initially, Camilla's innovative business model involved organising exhibitions in the homes of collectors across Milan, where she curated one-night-only showcases for a select group of art enthusiasts, collectors, and artists. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she adapted her approach by establishing a physical gallery space in Brera, which now serves as the headquarters for Arte In Salotto.
In April 2024, at the MIA photo art fair in Milan, Margherita Nussio had the opportunity to meet Camilla Prini. MIA stands as one of Italy's main photo art fairs in the country, hosting the largest gathering of photo and video galleries, with representation from 85 galleries across Europe.

Camilla's curation at MIA featured a carefully selected roster of artists represented by Arte In Salotto, including the French photographer Aurelien Villette, Cuban artist Keila Guilarte, and Italian photographer Alessandro Piredda. These artists provided a compelling snapshot of Arte In Salotto's portfolio, characterised by its distinct and captivating style.
When asked about her advice for young professionals in the arts, Camilla emphasised the importance of cultivating strong client relationships, understanding one's ideal buyer, and curating a portfolio of artists whose work exemplifies the highest quality standards. This insight reflects her ethos and has undoubtedly contributed to her success in navigating the competitive landscape of the art world.
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