Naomi Vona (Desio 1982), is an Italian artist based in London. The artist defines herself as an "archival parasite, with no bad intentions".

Her works combine different interests like photography, collages and illustration. Her research is focused on altering vintage and contemporary found images, creating a new interpretation of the original shots.
Using pens, paper, washi tape and stickers she gives every image a new life. Every work is basically composed of three elements: her life background, her inspirations and subconscious, that is also the glue that puts all together.

Naomi has a degree in Design and Photography from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy. Her passion for illustration and photography drove her to experiment with collage since she was a student, developing a personal recognisable style. In 2013 she started to play over vintage photos, paintings, doodling and attaching stickers over them. The final result gave her an amazing feeling, so she realises that this was the best way to express herself to the world.
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