Textiles Reimagined:
Group Exhibition

Presenting works by

Curated by Projects Art Factory for Brockley Max

Workshop by Tyanna of WeAreParadise
3rd June 2024
18:00 - 22:00
The Honor Oak Pub

In collaboration with Brockley Max, Projects Art Factory presents 'Textiles Reimagined' at The Honour Oak pub, an all-female exhibition curated by Margherita Nussio and Francesca Budini Gattai, showcasing the works of four international emerging artists. The exhibition explores themes of womanhood, non-conformity, creativity, and multiple identities. Delving into the historical significance of textiles, the artworks pay homage to tradition while pushing the boundaries of contemporary textile art.

Each piece weaves narratives that resonate beyond visual perception. Athena Nemeth and Nicole Chui use embroidery to challenge stereotypes and infuse traditional techniques with contemporary relevance. Renin Bilginer's work draws from diverse cultural influences, while Lucrezia Romanello emphasises sustainability in her bold fashion accessories. While designer and artist Tyanna led a Crochet Bucket Hat Workshop on the 1st floor of the pub which was sold-out after one week! "Textiles Reimagined" celebrates diversity in textile art, inviting viewers to reconsider its conventional boundaries and appreciate its transformative power.

Free entry to see the artworks presented at Textiles Reimagined, available on the ground floor of the pub from 18:00 till 22:00.

Find below the artists exhibited.

Textiles Reimagined was a very well-curated, little gem of an event. We were really immersed in a world of “texture” thanks to the colourful and original art pieces, the cozy location, the hands-on crochet workshop. Personally, I couldn’t resist buying one of Lucrezia Romanello’s incredible bags. As someone who has been following p-Art factory since the beginning, I can really tell how much dedication and passion Francesca and Margherita put in every exhibition they create, and this one was no exception.
In collaboration with Brockley Max Festival and The Honor Oak pub,
p-Art Factory | Textiles Reimagined
showcased 4 young and emerging visual artists paying homage to tradition while pushing the boundaries of contemporary textile art.
About Tyanna from WeAreParadise

I'm Tyanna, the founder of WeAreParadise, a small business dedicated to providing statement pieces that prioritise sustainability. Our bags are crafted with both style and environmental consciousness in mind, ensuring they become your go-to accessory every time you step out. Specifically designed with eco-friendly materials for customers with sensitive skin conditions like eczema, our products not only elevate your outfit but also care for your skin.
About the Festival

Brockley Max is a nine-day community arts festival celebrating local talent in Lewisham. It takes place in lots of different venues across Brockley, Ladywell, Crofton Park and Honor Oak and is a non-profit festival that everyone can attend and be part of. Brockley Max is held the first week in June each year.
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